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Our adoption fee is $400.00
Most of our dogs are rescued from high-kill shelters in the South. They are fostered there first while they are vetted. Vetting includes spayed/neutered, shots, fecal test, heartworm test, dewormed if needed, microchipped, and heartworm and flea/tick preventative.
Registration No: RR318

Cantania, 17-month-old, Beagle mix
Bandit, 9-month-old, Lab mix
Ruby, She is 1.5 yrs. about 35-40 lbs very affectionate. Loves to play with other dogs but does play kinda rough. She lived inside her whole life with other dogs and cats. Loves to run and chase a ball and pretty good at retrieving. She’s a little jumpy but listens very well and craves attention
Savanah, 2-year-old, Beagle mix
Jazzy is a sweet girl who is resting up and waiting to be adopted. for applications
Likes: Her people and doggy naps
Dislikes: Not having a home of her own!
Christa, three-year-old, Terrier mix
Zeppole, 13-week-old, Border Collie Mix
Cannoli, 13-week-old, Border Collie Mix
Cassata, 13-week-old, Border Collie Mix
Mia, 10-month-old, Lab mix
Aleah, 12-week-old, Shepherd mix
Alaric, 12-week-old, Shepherd mix
Amos, 12-week-old, Shepherd mix
Abner, 12-week-old, Shepherd mix
Albert, 12-week-old, Shepherd mix
Smokey, 2-year-old, Terrier Mix
Skipper, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Selena, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Serigo, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Zeppole, 15-week-old, Border Collie Mix
Cassata, 15-week-old, Border Collie Mix
Cannoli, 15-week-old, Border Collie Mix
Sarah, 1-year-old, Boxer mix
Strider, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Shannon, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Seneca, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Sherlock, 11-week-old, Boxer mix
Cora, 5-month-old, Terrier mix
Giny, 1-year-old, Spaniel mix
Mia, 11-month-old, Lab mix
Valor, 8 1/2-month-old, Terrier mix
Penny, 4 1/2-month-old, Terrier mix
Gavin, 9-week-old, Spaniel mix
Gibson, 9-week-old, Spaniel mix
Gina, 9-week-old, Spaniel mix
Grayson, 9-week-old, Spaniel mix